Wednesday, April 20, 2011

House Washing Western Ma

If you are wondering about house washing western ma, you are not alone. In western ma there are a few house washing company's that are quite reputable. There are a lot of factors that go into washing a house and I recommend that this is something that you should not try yourself. Damage could be done that are sometimes not fixable, such as using to strong of a chemical that could burn your plants, uneven cleaning which will leave splotch marks noticeable on the siding, and also if not rinsed properly will leave drip marks. In western ma,  I have corrected so many house washings because the home owner decided to go with the cheapest estimate. Some of the questions you should ask is if the house is brushed, if strong chemicals are used, and what is included in the washing. Usually the price is only for the house. Decks, sheds or  sidewalks are add on. Estimates are usually free and some use a spray wax after the cleaning.
Deciding if you do need a house washing can be done by doing a visual inspection. Look for any dirt, oxidation, mold or mildew, especially on the north side that never gets much sun, or behind bushes that are not cut back so not much air flows through and holds the moisture in creating a perfect environment for mildew to grow. As we know, mildew is also a health factor. If you are interested in learning, in depth, about mildew inside & outside your home, and identifying the type of mildew you have or how to kill the mildewClick Here!, this is an awesome e-book that even taught me a few thing about the types of mildew and killing mildew and I've been doing this for thirty years. Science has come a long way.
If you would like to see a video of pressure washing check out my other page! Video
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