Thursday, April 21, 2011

House Washing West Springfield


With house washing west Springfield season around the corner, a visual inspection of your house should be done. Mildew, moss, dirt, chalkiness are all things you should be looking for in determining if you need a house washing. There is a health factor having mildew growing on your home. There are a few companies that offer house washing west Springfield.. Keeping the exterior of your home clean is not only healthier, but also keeps your house looking new. In west Springfield there are a few places that offer free estimates for house washing. One of the questions that should be asked is if they scrub the house or if they put on a spray wax after the house washing. i know that the local company in west Springfield does. Also get more than one estimate. It pays to shop around. Help keep west Springfield looking beautiful. Here is a good link for a good run down of information.
If you would like an in depth information about mildew, types, health risks and how to clean mildew, I read this book myself and it had some great suggestions.