Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hot Water Pressure Washer

Hot Water Pressure Washer
Hot Water Pressure Washer
A Hot Water Pressure Washer is a big plus for any type of pressure washer jobs. The hot water, when using a pressure washer, makes all the difference in the world. Some of the pressure washing jobs can not be done without the use of having hot water. Think of your dishwasher, would you want your dishes to be washed in cold water? They are a few more dollars than the cold water machines. And there are different types of hot water burners.
First lets talk about the advantages of using a hot water pressure washer and the type of jobs it is needed for.
  1. Gum removal- gum will not come off without heat. You can take it off with pressure but you will be left with a little ring from the gum. Only hot water will remove this. Just be careful with the pressure if the gum is on a soft surface, let the heat melt it off.
  2. Graffiti removal- This is one job that you need the hot water pressure washer to make your life so much easier. Especially when there are multiple layers of paint. You will need to use a graffiti remover, but the hot water helps melt the paint away.
  3. Any type of degreasing job. Helps cut the grease.
  4. Promotes the cleaning capabilities of the cleaning products being used.
Those are just a few examples, there are many more, but these few give you an idea of the uses and purposes of using a pressure washer with hot water. I do have a Deck Cleaning and house washing tips on clean vinyl siding article to.

Types of Hot Water Pressure Washer

I will be talking about the types of hot water pressure washers heater units and not really about the pressure washer itself. That is a whole other article on its own. 
The hot water heater is refered to as a burner. There are two types of burners that can be mounted in various ways and run on different types of power to run it. 
The two type are:
  • Horizontal -laying down end to end.
  • Vertical- standing upright.
The  pro's and con's of each are:
  • Horizontal- Standing the burner unit up saves a lot of space and disperses the heat a more evenly throughout the coil. The only thing that I do not like with the burner standing up is that any debris or water fall down on to the blower unit. 
  • Vertical- Less problems with the blower motor. Easier to work on. The only thing is that the heater coil gets a little clogged up with soot on the bottom of the side that is facing down.
Most hot water pressure washers have the burner that is mounted all together as one unit. These kind of units are pretty heavy as the coil can weigh as much as seven hundred pounds. They mostly run off of diesel or home heating fuel. I have seen propane heating units to. But I like the diesel fired units as they are a lot less dangerous to work with. Also make sure the there is a heat shield between the hot water burner unit and the fuel tanks.

How the Water Gets Hot

Just a quick overview on how the hot water pressure washer get hot water. The blower unit consists of a blower motor with whats called a squirrel cage, which the motor spins and creates a strong wind that blows the air by the igniter unit. The igniter unit has a fuel injector which sprays a high pressure mist that is pressurized from a small fuel pump connected to the blower motor. A few inches from the injector are two electrodes that create a spark, like a spark plug does, but a lot stronger spark. This spark ignites the high pressure fuel creating a pretty good size fireball, which blows against a coil that the washer water goes through. This is all contained inside the burner unit housing made out of sheet metal. Always make sure that a pressure relief valve is attached on the outlet side to prevent explosions from burner running and no water going through coil.BBB