Friday, June 17, 2011

House Washing CT

House washing CT has always been the best house washing state. CT has some of the most beautiful historical homes and my favorite place to wash houses. CT people seem to take great pride in their homes. But if you have never thought of or even heard of being able to have your house washed, I will give you some idea on deciding if your home needs to be cleaned. All this can be done by just doing a visual inspection of the siding, whether it be vinyl, wood, aluminum or whatever it may be, it can be washed. What you are looking for is any mildew, mold, fading and dirt in general. All this can be removed from a house washing. Not only does it make your home look like great, removing any mold or mildew is beneficial to your health. Science has proved this many times over. It seems to me that CT love to keep the woodsy look around their homes, which I find appealing myself, but there is drawbacks to this. You can check out my other post on tips to keeping your house exterior clean after having your house pressure washed.
I also recommend that you hire a professional house washing company to do it for you. To many times have I seen mistakes made that can permanently damage the siding or shrubbery that has been burnt from to extreme chemical. If you would like a free quote you can fill out the free estimate House washing ct estimate form on the side of post. I also have another post on some house washing tips on clean vinyl siding. Also if you looking at pressure washing machines I would by at wholesale. And also the EPA rules about even washing your car, your tax dollars at work!